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All change

What a great summer it was, on occasions. This was one such occassion in London when I went in to see brother Dan who’s an artist and ended up doing a spot of impromptu modelling at Peckham Queer Art Boot Fair organised by Moca London & Queer LDC . Dan is in the picture below left and his painting is the featured picture.

A lot of people in the nudist community are heavily involved in the arts, so life modelling, life drawing, photography, art nudes, sculpture for example are an integral part of our lifestyle but most of the social media giants don’t tolerate nudity and especially (female) nipples, so it doesn’t take much to flout their spurious and ever-changing decrees and if you have a vituperative ex on your tail, you’re even more likely to be singled out.

In recent weeks, instagram has been on a purge of nude-friendly accounts, disabling some (mine included) and sanctioning others for supposedly violating their Terms and Conditions and posting what they deemed to be sexual content. I’ve seen various photographers and naturist/nudist accounts in my network posting tweets to this effect on twitter. Perhaps I’ve become inured to the effect the nude human body can have on other individuals but some of the photographs deemed to be sexual, were purely art nudes or nudes in nature. Bewildering.

One could rightly construe the picture below as being sexual in nature, only I wouldn’t dream of posting it on instagram. It’s there to prove a point. Gobstopper anybody?

My new insta account is @Socksoff14. I certainly won’t be as active on there in the future. There’s little point wasting time on a platform which executes accounts without notice but I will be using it periodically, largely for my interests

The last nude hike of the year?

Largely managing to dodge the rain, we had a great walk this week around Dorking, which has proved to be a good median point for the Crew, as I’ve loosely termed our happy group of ramblers.

One of the Peter’s sadly couldn’t join us so once again, we numbered four. A nice manageable number for nude hiking, with all of us able to happily hike decent distances at a reasonable pace, although little legs Em was admittedly trailing a bit on the hills!

Having settled on a car park which would accommodate Scott’s campervan and amended the route accordingly, we set off for our first walk. Nestled between some uncharacteristically blisteringly hot days, it was cooler and a bit unsettled but quite warm when the sun did make an appearance.

Lovely terrain but you certainly had to watch your feet with all the tree roots. Infact I did take a tumble at one point but aside from a graze and bruising, was relatively unscathed.

The first walk before we stopped for lunch was a healthy 7-mile hike. Given that the weather was inclement, it was nice and quiet. We did see some people but our preference is to chuck clothing on rather than front it out, unless we’re surprised by someone. We hike for enjoyment, not to prove a point although as we are all aware, naked hiking is perfectly legal, as indeed nudity is in the UK. Most nude advocates prefer to hike in remote areas to save confrontation and having to deal with body bigots.

The highlights on this walk? Logs, lots of them and pillboxes.

First up, logs

One happy Emma. Photo expertly taken by Scott who is used to my foibles by now

Ian spotted the logs first I think. Gleeful excitement on my part and a clamber on to the first pile which captured my attention. Someone commented on twitter (my account), how do you always seem to find logs? It’s not a pre-requisite of these walks but since we are walking in remote areas with largely managed woodlands, it’s rare that we don’t come across logs.

A team picture, of course!

The Crew

Reluctantly having to leave my favourite log behind, we set off again on a pillbox foray. They were scattered along our route which was a derivative of one devised by Naturist Ramblers, a member club of British Naturism which some of the Crew are members of (both NatRam and BN to use the abbreviations).

But before the pillboxes, look at the scenery and views, stunning! This is Blatchford Downs. Here’s a 7 mile route if you want to experience these beautiful chalk grasslands yourself.

Our first pillbox along the route with a dramatic skyline to frame it

I couldn’t resist going inside. 5 rifle points (I don’t know the technical term). Just to envisage being in there, watching and waiting for hours, even days at a time, it’s hard to comprehend how the men and women manning these pillboxes would have felt and what they endured. This particular pillbox was much nicer than the second one I ventured in to which was on a camber, making it seem much more claustrophobic

Shortly afterwards we came across another, then another. This is the one with the camber and it appeared smaller inside than the first pillbox

Lots of ascending and descending ensued as we made our way back to our respective vehicles, where we planned to have lunch before setting off again. Peter unfortunately had to take off after lunch so four became three, missing our afternoon amble.

What a fantastic day we had. I’m hoping but it’s rather optimistic, we might get another hike in during October

Despite my love of fine dining as a foodie, nothing beats being with friends in the great outdoors and a picnic.

Sadly, after our 3 mile loop, it was goodbye to the glorious scenery (and logs) and back via torturous motorways to return home. I was too tired to do anything other than eat chocolate and fall in to bed but that’s the driving, not the walking

Until next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Chasing the art, not the Bad boys

In one of the major cultural capitals of the world, it was time to set aside Operation Bad boys which I’ve been amusing myself with (I wouldn’t encourage this on my own turf) and get down to the serious business, chasing the art.

Lovely Barbara suggested a trip in to Paris to visit an exhibition, a suggestion which is always met with glee. Sadly Dad’s mobility negates the three of us being able to venture in nowadays but he’s happy at home with streamed sport or now Covid restrictions are being gradually eased in France, the occasional visitor to play chess.

Cormeilles-en-Parisis is a short hop in to Paris.

Today we were heading for a smart area of Paris to see The Blue Hour at Musee Marmottan Monet, an exhibition featuring the works of the acclaimed Danish artist Peder Severin Kroyer (1851-1909).

Peder exhibited in Paris on a number of occasions during his lifetime and this exhibition which runs to 26th September 2021, displays more than sixty paintings from the Skagen museum. “Paris is giving pride of place to this remarkable interpreter of the blue hour, this meteorological phenomenon which precedes twilight and unfolds above all on the distant northern seashores.”

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but suffice to say, both Barbara and I enjoyed this exhibition. Barbara was drawn to the intense blues, I was captivated by Kroyer’s ability to capture light and mist, his seascapes and loving depictions of his beautiful wife during their marriage

The building itself is a grand town house, laid out appropriately. “The magnificent mansion of Paul Marmottan with its preserved Empire decor now houses the Marmottan Monet museum. In addition to its high period (paintings, sculptures, illuminations) and Empire collections, it is the setting for the world’s first collection of works by Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot” plus many more notable artists.

We walked through the fine ante rooms to the exhibition itself. The only drawback was the sheer volume of people because the rooms had been subdivided to emphasise certain periods in Kroyer’s life and with Parisian life only recently re-opening, demand was high.

This, a stunning painting of Kroyer by one of his contemporaries, Lauritis Tuxin (1853-1927) set the scene

From here we wandered through the exhibition, stopping occasionally to take photographs, permitted without flash, we checked on arrival.

Classically trained, Kroyer would photograph, sketch and paint meticulous smaller details in preparation for his large canvases

Section 5, Sun, joy and youth is familiar to us with our appreciation of sunshine, nature and nudity.

Kroyer regularly returned to his appreciation of fishing scenes and the hard toil involved but also delighted in the simple joy a day at the beach provided

The featured painting for the exhibition of Kroyer’s wife Marie and a family friend Anna Anchor, was breathtaking in its composition and simplicity, although Kroyer agonised over where to place the figures on the shore.

Another one of my favourite paintings also featured Marie Kroyer

I particularly liked this large canvas of another of Kroyer’s contemporaries, Holger Drachmann

And this self portrait where Kroyer was equally keen to show his status

Rather poignantly at the end of the exhibition, among with the self portrait encased in a large glass case, Kroyer’s worn wooden paints box

From here we moved downstairs to see an exhibition by Vicky Colembet and plenty of large Monet canvases from his later life, some of which I’d seen before.

Mercifully after the relative crush upstairs, it was much quieter downstairs and altogether more spacious.

I’m afraid I didn’t take any photographs of Vicky Colombet’s work. They didn’t sing to me, apart from one painting as we walked down the stairs and I never captured it but I did buy a T-shirt, the design worked well.

After feasting on Monet (I’ve been to this museum before to see a Monet exhibition), we were treated to an array of swords

My personal favourite, Paul Tournon’s slender sword

After the mandatory route through the gift shop, we once again walked through the beautifully maintained park to the smart streets.

It became clear what this metal contraption we’d seen earlier was for

And then of course, the ladies went for tea ๐Ÿ˜

Before meandering back to a tube station taking in the delights of Paris en route

Rather unexpectedly as we ambled, suddenly the Eiffel Tower came in to view from an angel I’ve never seen it at before. What a bonus!

And one final delight, a man at the tube station tuning up and playing a few bars who was very proficient! I was willing him to launch in to a piece but his train arrived and intriguingly he got on, violin still in hand

Sadly my stay is coming to an end and 10 days of self isolation beckon but to spend a week with family, has made the additional outlay and inconvenience totally worth it. Hopefully when I’m back again, Covid will be kicked to the kerb and life will be opened up again. We savour it while we can ๐Ÿค—


An Englishwoman abroad

I’m over in Cormeilles-en-Parisis in the NW suburbs of Paris, staying with my father Bolton Bill & lovely Stepmum Barbara.

They’ve lived here about fourteen years and I’ve been making annual trips over to see them since they moved, aside from the first couple of years. I was trapped in a viscious cycle of scarcity. Not easy being a single parent juggling kids, business, house and garden

Life is much rosier now but as the years pass, the dynamics change. We can no longer do the trips we once did. Dad and Barbara have taken me all over France to see the most wonderful chateaus, museums, exhibitions, concerts and tourist hot spots โค๏ธ but age takes its toll and I’m happy to simply be here at home, with the occasional wiggle wiggle out to the local tabac to torment the bad boys under hooded eyes.

I was taught German at school which isn’t that much use in France, although my Stepmum is German. An amazing lady, she’s fluent in French, German obviously, English and conversational Spanish and Italian. Her idea of conversational is probably the most I’ll attain in any language outside English. Nowadays, time is the impediment to study

Between the household chores (I’m currently acting as a packhorse for the heavier jobs) and wonderful meals out, I decided to take the plunge and pay a visit to the ANP Association des Naturistes des Paris which is located in the SE area of Paris.

Shortly after our reunion at Beachamp

I’ve never been in to Paris on my own. The inability to speak more than rudimentary French, what’s “Hello boys” incidentally? tends to add a bit of disquiet but also it’s quite nice to do some things in company.

However, there were no takers for a skinnydip. Dad thinks we’re all “Bloody mad.” Barbara who is a cultured older lady, quite incredulous at the prospect of public nudity “I can understand it in the bedroom.” ๐Ÿ˜‚

After some wavering, having mooted the idea on my @Socksoff1 twitter account which received a wonderfully warm response from @ANPOfficiel I decided to go for it. Much planning ensued to ensure this incompetent Englishwoman didn’t get lost. I should mention, I have NO sense of direction. Getting lost is also something I’m well versed in.

Dad plotted the route with me meticulously on Google maps, so much so I recognised the streets when I arrived later that day.

Barbara wrote a foolproof Metro list for me, I packed my ubiquitous daysack and late afternoon, I was off!

Dad and Barbara, taking no chances packed me off with Metro tickets and instructed me to keep in touch. I’m 59 ๐Ÿคฃ but I could understand their concerns. I love travelling but I do have a lot of adventures and not always the best ones ๐ŸŽŠ

The journey was indeed foolproof. I found the requisite Metro station Porte des Vincennes without any problems and having scoured the local area with Dad earlier, knew there were plenty of places to eat. I’d planned to have dinner before my swim, as close to the venue Piscine Roger Le Galle, as possible.

Having allowed ample time for adventure (getting lost) I arrived in the vicinity at 7pm which left two hours before the Wednesday evening session. Net result, dinner was on the cards.

The pool is only a 12-minute walk from the Metro which gave me plenty of choice as I ambled along the streets again (thanks Dad), finally settling upon a lush looking Indian restaurant just 6-minutes from Piscine Roger Le Galle

I elected to have the 14.99 euro selection. I had sufficient time for three courses and a beer but the chap serving me didn’t seem to realise ladies tend to favour halves, not pints unless we’re in the rugby club, or is that just me? To be fair, I did ask in English

Don’t I look upset about his error? ๐Ÿ˜‚ The fact I was swimming later was the concern though. Not an ideal combination, swimming and alcohol. It meant I was obliged to eat all of the food to soak it up ๐Ÿ˜

By now waddling, with 10 minutes to spare I set off again, spurning coffee. Non merci, no time and arrived triumphantly

It was a smooth move to arrive at 09:00pm. Doors open at the alloted time and a socially distant queue formed quite quickly. This is a busy association with over 400 members. If I lived in Paris, I’d definitely be a member!

I guess I stood out like a sore thumb with my red hair and female. Like any naturist/nudist event women tend to be outnumbered, although the demographic breakdown was notably different here compared to the UK.

There were many more younger naturists, seriously sporty types, lithe and toned thrashing up and down the pool and what a pool it was but I’m getting ahead of myself. Augustin, a new member of the Association who had been so welcoming on Twitter and subsequently Facebook where I submitted my pre-attendance information spotted me and took me around to the registration desk. I didn’t have an Association card and some of the formalities had been dealt with already.

At 25, Augustin is just 3 years younger than my son Arthur, so we chatted for a while. Like many of the French, he is fluent in English, lucky for me!

Sign-in completed and my INF and BN card flashed, the ANP President Laurent Luft who also runs their social media and acts as one of the National Administrators for the French Federation of Naturism, kindly decided to show me around.

I’m not sure if Laurent realised I’m the Women’s Representative for @NaturistLondon before but he’s aware now. We had chance to chat as he showed me around the vast facility and between my laps and his organising.

Down in to the bowels of the building, rather like the descent to Energybase where Naturist London was held ๐Ÿ˜ข (for those of you who aren’t aware, we have lost our venue and are looking for a new home), we entered the changing area.

Flip flops on and mandatory pool hats. I’d purchased one bearing the ANP logo which I’d admired, along with a towel at registration. Designed by one of their members who’s an architect, it encompasses Laurent’s brief to show they are a Parisian swim, with a range of activities and open to family members. Indeed, one Dad was in the pool with his son and all his diving gear.

From the changing room, Laurent took me through the typical French foot dip area โ„๏ธ and out into the sunlight. Deep joy, it’s a lido ๐Ÿ˜ I hadn’t appreciated it was a lido and a big pool at that; 50 metres ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ˜ And it’s not just swimming they host, with a range of activities, aqua aerobics, gym sessions, yoga, steam room, massage, classes of interest to members eg art. I was in awe. We have no equivalent in the UK.

Although Naturist London is a wonderful community swim, we lacked these facilities. Perhaps a new venue will provide more choice? Let us know if you can think of somewhere suitable, not predjudiced towards naturists and our community. There’s no shortage of interest in attending as our membership attests.

Laurent took me and another interested new french member poolside, through a corridor and up a staircase to a gym where a member was about to start a gym class.

Just look at everything they offer, listed on their superb website with membership just 150 euros per annum ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Fantastic!

Piscine Roger Le Gall 50 metre open air pool with canvas cover pictured

We spiralled back down the staircase to the large outdoor pool again, past the steam room which is sadly a Covid casualty at the moment and Laurent having kindly agreed to have a picture taken with me, posed poolside and we snapped a few shots for posterity.

Honestly if you’re in Paris, this is a MUST VISIT.

I think it would be marvellous to strengthen our recriprocal links and go over en masse with the Naturist London community. British Naturism will be well aware of this amazing facility and Laurent is well known in France and beyond for his work promoting the ANP and naturism

Collaborations always bring benefits and with a large Mercure Hotel 2 minutes away and an active weekly schedule of sporting activities, I can see lots of potential. I’ll definitely be back!

Finally, to Laurent, Augustin, fellow members of the ANP and to the gentleman who gave me some shower gel, you couldn’t have been more welcoming, thank you so much.

I’m also now the proud possessor of a branded ANP swim hat and towel. I love a souvenir but these will get regularly used ๐ŸŠโ€โ™€๏ธ minus the costume!

What better way to spend a rainy day?

My holiday is coming to an end but there was time to squeeze in a visit to Diss, about 40 minutes drive from Norwich where I’m staying with family to visit the Kuura Limited showroom.

Run by Jaana-Mari Ala-Korpi, the showroom is open on Friday and Saturday between 10am-3pm, or by appointment.

To add to my latest adventure with Albert (my new/ old motor) I’d arranged to meet a long-term networking buddy Stuart, of Naturist Lakes, at the showroom, since Stuart had made the introduction.

The weather has turned since my beach day to Holkam earlier in the week with incessant rain but it was a lovely rural route with decent roads. Diss itself is beautiful and there are lots of wonderful boutique shops. I could severely dent the credit card here! As it is, I came away with the express intention of buying a Tiny hot tub from the Kirami range Jaana-Mari sells.

With sustainable wood, superb craftsmanship and design and wood-fired, it fits my hot tub wish list perfectly. I can think of no better way to ring in my 60th next year ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŽ‰

Jaana-Mari showed me around the range and answered my barrage of questions. This wasn’t a trip taken on a whim. Getting a hot tub has been on my mind for a while, specifically wood-fired tubs.

I loved the fact that Jaana-Mari hails from Finland and has a hot tub herself as evidenced from her tweets on her recently created account so she speaks from direct experience and she’s keen to ensure customers get the right product for their needs, so no false upselling here.

I’ll definitely be over again on another one of my Norfolk jaunts and it was especially nice to meet Stuart of Naturist Lakes too.

I’m back at base now, eyeing up the garden here. It’s bigger than mine so they could accommodate a bigger one but I’d be happy with the Tiny one. Sometimes you just don’t want to share but I know the family will enjoy visiting when I’ve taken the plunge ๐Ÿ˜

Naked Hiking on a beautifully hot day near Dorking, Southern England

We’d scheduled this hike a few weeks ago and as it loomed, the temperature started to climb in the UK.ย  We’ve finally approached something approaching decent summer temperatures, although officially we’re still in spring

Four nude buddies, two Peters, one Scott and one Emma converged at Coldharbour near Dorking for a split hike. Walk 1, a brisk 3-miler followed by lunch, then a more leisurely 5-miler and we had a fabulous time, in great company

The scenery was breathtaking, with rhododendrons flanking a lot of the hills, established pine forests, lush ferns, logs which I made good use of (I have a thing about wrapping myself around logs ๐Ÿ˜‰), the occasional cyclist since this is a well- waymarked cycling route and an even more occasional walker.

After some deliberation, we found a perfect lunch spot near where we’d parked so lunch was a stylish affair with portable chairs and a picnic blanket. I found a log, broke out my much anticipated coffee and the fellas had a nice chilled, low alcohol pale ale.

Setting off for our second circular hike, typically for a wood nymph it didn’t take long for mischief to occur and on Leith Hill I spied the perfect opportunity for a photograph, despite a little gaggle of people taking in the views.

The sun was beating down, the wind blowing and I had a wrap. Art model Peter had tastefully draped himself alongside the silhouette of a tree which highlighted the landscape. I sidled up and warned Peter I was going to throw my wrap off and pro photographer Scott captured the moment and Peter’s wry amusement. None of the onlookers said anything. Some averted their eyes, some didn’t notice and some looked, but we got the shots ๐Ÿค—

We also ambled past Coldharbour Cricket Club, the highest cricket club in Surry. A fabulous location but a very small pitch

I was hampered somewhat during these walks by two cracking blisters, one on the back of each heel which I picked up on Saturday, walking from Paddington Railway Station to the Serpentine North Gallery to see the James Barnor exhibition.ย  I wasn’t sure if my feet would withstand the hikes, worrying that perhaps I might have to bail after the first, shorter hike. Thankfully they obliged or I’d have missed some stunning views and lots of log action ๐Ÿ™‚

Back home and the inevitable household chores were waiting for me. Reality bites. We’d had a superb day although I’m always more relaxed on the way home. Seventy miles is a long drive for me with my propensity to get lost and a test for Albert my new car. He proved a worthy steed. Out first nude adventure. There will be many more no doubt ๐Ÿ˜€

In the short-term however, I’m in need of a chauffeur and gardener, any offers?

James Barnor at the Serpentine

Brother Dan and I met up at the Serpentine North in London this weekend. My first exhibition, in I can’t remember how long. Daniel, who’s a talented artist, was last at an exhibition in September 2020.

Decimated by Covid-19, the arts have been thrown in to sharp relief, especially considering Government policy in the wake of the pandemic and the financial support apportioned to the self-employed, which tends to impact upon people employed in the arts.

Creative expression is our lifeblood. It’s how we convey our feelings, our sense of identity and unity. Only by supporting the arts and the rich emotions and messages they convey, can we hope to feel life in its infinite richness and entirity.

James Barnor, now in his early 90s and apparently living in a nursing home, documents life over decades and notably, pictorially London in the 60s and Ghana where he established his famous Ever Young Studio in Accra in the early 1950s.

Having digitised his extensive portfolio, his photography reached a wider audience and now, justifiably in his later life, he’s receiving the acclaim he so richly deserves. I know where I’d rather be out of London or Ghana!

In the words of the Serpentine

“The Serpentine presents a major survey of British-Ghanaian photographer James Barnor, whose career spans six decades, two continents and numerous photographic genres through his work with studio portraiture, photojournalism, editorial commissions and wider social commentary.

A major survey of British-Ghanaian photographer James Barnor, whose career as a studio portraitist, photojournalist and Black lifestyle photographer spans six decades and records major social and political changes in London and Accra.

Born in 1929 in Ghana, James Barnor established his famous Ever Young studio in Accra in the early 1950s, capturing a nation on the cusp of independence in an ambiance animated by conversation and highlife music. In 1959 he arrived in London, furthering his studies and continuing assignments for influential South African magazine Drum which reflected the spirit of the era and the experiences of Londonโ€™s burgeoning African diaspora. He returned to Ghana in the early 1970s to establish the countryโ€™s first colour processing lab while continuing his work as a portrait photographer and embedding himself in the music scene. He returned to London in 1994″

I learnt of this exhibition online via the social media platforms I inhabit, so was quick on the draw. Whether there are any tickets left is debatable but if you can get to see the exhibition do, it’s wonderful. I even shelled out to buy a coffee table book, so enraptured was I by the photography. It’s out of its cellophane already! A lovely recollection of a perfect day, made even more perfect by meeting up with Brother Dan who I’ve not seen since just before my birthday in 2020 which coincided with Lockdown 1. I can’t wait to catch up with the rest of my very large family too. Not easy when we are dotted around the globe

Tickets if you can get hold of them can be obtained here. What’s more, they are FREE!!

Happy days – in Ghana IMO, not London ๐Ÿ™‚

Back again!

on Twitter finally, thanks I believe to my innumerable requests for reinstatement being clocked by a senior member of the Twitter team. To the individual concerned who probably poked Support, I say thank you ๐Ÿค—

Twitter Support is undoubtedly rushed off its feet, but these large platforms are hard to get answers from when you have a query or complaint. I prefer to use a chat facility when I need an answer to something. Trying to raise companies via message/email or on the phone can be laborious and circuitous.

We are fast approaching a year of repeated lockdowns in the UK. The third of which, crossing over our winter months has naturally proved to be the most arduous. Elderly friends and former clients, now in their 70s and 80s are trapped in their homes with little social contact. As our human connectedness contracts, so our souls shrivel in response. The mental health fallout in the UK is going to be devastating long-term, quite apart from the impact of deaths of beloved friends and family. In short, it’s a mess over here right now.

My father and stepmum in Paris, France are watching our vaccination programme enviously. They too are trapped in their apartment but unlike the UK, there’s no clear vaccine rollout. We speak daily and I yearn to see them both in person again.

Aside from Covid concerns, there are glimmers of hope, despite our Government’s (mis) handling of the crisis. Spring is beginning to dawn, with the prospect of naked hiking. Venues are tentatively planning to re-open and people are boldly beginning to book holidays. I’m watching the Ro rate and waiting

Naked hiking with fellow members of Socks off in the UK

I relaunch my business all being well on 12th April 2021, along with most of the so-called, non-essential retail in the UK. I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m looking forward to getting out and about, here and overseas to meet family and friends again.

Laughably we’ve been forewarned hugs might be permitted again in May. Human touch and contact is all-important. I see that daily in my work as a massage therapist when we are not in lockdown but how many I wonder, will avoid hugs in the future? As a nation we have always fallen far short of our European counterparts in tactility. It will be interesting to see if people become more tactile ultimately once society opens up and indeed, whether people will try social nudity for themselves after being locked down for so long. Come on in, the water is lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

Pictured at Diogenes Sun Club, Chalfont St Peter

Social Media: Business, branding and marketing

It’s been a month since my main nudist account @Socksoff1 was suspended by Twitter summarily.

I have five accounts on twitter which each have a different focus, although one is redundant since I relocated from Buckinghamshire to Berkshire in 2019 after 26 years years in the county and 24 years running my business there (formerly massagebucks, now @massageberks).

I’ve used social media actively since about 2015 when I started blogging on a social business networking site, Ecademy where I ‘met’ online and in person, a wealth of amazing people, many of whom became and remain friends and confidants. I was even invited to the wedding of one of my online friends before meeting him in person. What’s more, it was a small wedding so it was a real honour to be invited. He and his wife remain good friends. Such is the strength of relationships which can be formed online. These relationships are consolidated further in person, naturally. Sadly, I will never meet many of my online contacts, although with a love of travel, once we are able to dust off our backpacks/suitcases, my long-haul forays will be dictated through the friendships I’ve forged over the years pottering online, after I’ve caught up with family overseas.

In relation to my twitter account @Socksoff1 which I started in July 2013, I’d built up a diverse range of contacts, mainly nudists and naturists but also journalists, politicians and with a diverse range of interests, I followed a range of subjects and learnt a lot through my interaction via #Socksoff1.

For me, Twitter has been somewhere I’ve felt happy to network globally, after Ecademy, where I focused my spare time and attention, was bought out and lost the social element. I blogged actively on a range of subjects on the platform. Virtually all of my blogs were shelved after the company was taken over. I learnt from that and started my own blogsite but even then, deleted the first version of this website during a period of depression when I wanted to hide from the world.

I’m not hiding now and I’m not happy at the lack of response from Twitter having appealed their decision to suspend @Socksoff1 on 13th January 2021, based on an old avi which had been in place since 2015. Other colleagues subsequent to my being suspended were pulled up for the same misdemeanour and reinstated immediately having changed their avi which I also did, so I have two gripes. Number 1, inconsistencies apply and number 2, it’s very poor form to blatently ignore your customer base.

Sadly, American corporates in particular seem spectacturarly inept at distinguishing between non-sexual nudity and sexualised nudity or pornography. Nudists and naturists, however you choose to term our community, or tribe of nude advocates, are routinely discriminated against on twitter, facebook and instagram to name three of the key players. Certainly on twitter, which advocates freedom of expression, that extends to freedom of imagery too, within tweets. Traditionally, it’s not been as restrictive, which is why our nude community has felt able to network on twitter. I report and block malign, sexually-charged accounts daily. I don’t want to see pornography at dawn when I tend to wake, thanks very much!

It’s insulting to our community to equate non-sexualised nudity with pornography. Having read the Terms and Conditions at length since my suspension, I was shocked to see that parallel being drawn. Anything deemed to titillate or be viewed in a sexual light, and that can be very subjective, is deemed pornographic.

I know I’m far from an isolated case, having seen various responses to Twitter theads, with some people saying their suspension case has been in place for two years! I’ve been waiting a month for a response from twitter which I feel to be a bit rich, considering they stated it might take a few days for a response and I have tweeted various pivotal Twitter accounts on a number of occasions, to be met with stony silence, whereas others have been responded to, courteously.

Another nude colleague had to wait two months but he’d given up and started another account in the interim. I don’t want to lose my network or the history on @Socksoff1 as a networker so I’m waiting, but hardly patiently. It’s been too long for me to be patient now and I will continue to ask for a decision, publicly.

Socks off

Going to ground

I’m going to ground for a while, to focus on the elements which actually matter in real life. Once I’ve addressed everything I have to do, I’m sure you will be seeing me again but for time being, I’m conserving my energy and assigning time to the things and people, I regard as important.

I do want to say thank you to Paul de Bruyn who has been helping me to source, collate and curate the content for Nudes and News, shortly after I began the i-paper in late October last year. However, like some other aspects of my life it’s served its purpose. You will know as part of this community, how commited I am to social nudity and I’ll continue to champion it.

As a networker I have a wealth of contacts across the board, both from our community and beyond and also as a networker, access to multiple platforms. I am not limited to any, neither am I obligated to provide content for any. I prefer to generate rather than replicate when I’m not running my business, so that will be my focus for later this year.

I’ve decided Nudes and News has run its course. I enjoy networking globally and have a wide range of interests. That was reflected in my Twitter account @Socksoff1 but I was also outspoken about the drossy, scabby accounts as I called them and would regularly report and block accounts which I found repugnant, as no doubt some people would do to mine, seeing my stance and because I’m outspoken and a woman!

Thank you to those of you who subscribed and submitted feedback for Nudes and News. It was helpful and Paul de Bruyn and I were beginning to get the i-paper to reflect a version we were happy with, providing an insight into our community.

I’m not a big believe in hashtags to encompass what we embody. I do believe we show ourselves through our actions, intent and how we interact with people in life. My Twitter account might be returned to me. If it’s not, that’s 7 years of input which the plug has been pulled on overnight, ironically whilst there’s a plethora of porn abounding.

With only 2% of the UK population apparently using Twitter, it’s a drop in the social media ocean and at the moment, the cons seem to outweight the positives for me. I don’t need the negativity. There’s enough going on in the UK at the moment which warrants closer attention, medically, economically and politically.

To those of you who have been in touch, across a number of platforms, I can’t promise I’ll be able to respond to the messages I am receiving quickly, although I’m grateful to you for reaching out. I have things to do and I’m off to do them!

all the best

Emma ๐Ÿ™‚