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Socks off is back!

After deleting my previous blog. I decided it was time to start another one, especially after all the problems I’m encountering trying to get back into my Flickr account. This way, at least I can post blogs and picture blogs here and ultimately post pictures onto my Flickr account, in albums.

I can’t assign much time to blogging because running my business has to take priority but occasionally it’s useful, whether to help promote/market an event or venue etc but also, on a whim; to provide an insight into our wonderful community and the joys of non sexual, social nudity. A concept which confounds many but without experiencing naturism/nudism yourself, arguably it’s easier to fall back upon pre-concieved notions about naturists/nudists/nudity and continue to limit your life experiences and expectations.

As a community, we strive to address these misconceptions, individually and collectively. We were born naked and we’ll die naked. Nudity is perfectly simple and perfectly natural. The only unnatural aspect of nudity is often our attitude towards it, which can be tainted by our upbringing, social expectations, gender, cultural variances and of course bias.

Naturists and nudists see no shame in the human body. They celebrate simple, natural nudity and that in a nutshell, is that. We simply enjoy our lives, as far as possible, as nature intended; nude. Not so easy at times in the UK where I hail from, which can be typically cold, rainy and dreary.

So, if you are prepared to cast your preconceptions aside and learn a little more about our small, supportive and interconnected community, welcome. Better still, why not try it out for yourself?

As a community, we strive to be non-judgemental and inclusive. We tend to care deeply about art and the environment amongst other things, but we also come from diverse backgrounds and professions and have diverse political leanings/opinions. One thing is for certain, you stand nothing to lose by trying social nudity out youself – you might be suprised at how much you enjoy it. You’ll always find a warm welcome within the community and very often, cake!

With all good wishes

Emma James